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Parking Information


Access coming by car

Common to all parking lot

Business hours : 24hours
Receipt issue : Possible(OK)
Usable bill : 1,000yen bill
Credit card : NG
Vehicle height : Up to 2.20m
Vehicle storage method : Self propelled

CK SQUARE building first parking lot


5-2-10 Nobidome niiza-city saitama



Vehicle restriction

Widtd : 1.90m
Length : 5.00m
Weight : 2.00t

Installation location

multistory parking

CK SQUARE building second parking lot


4-7-12 Nobidome niiza-city saitama



Installation location

Flat parking

CK SQUARE building third parking lot


5-841-14 Nobidome niiza-city saitama



Installation location

Flat parking

Parking affiliated store

Please bring parking ticket to each store and get certification at the facility you use.


For visitors arriving by motorcycle

There a motorcycle storage place beside the gate of the 2F parking lot entrance of CK SQUARE building.

  • Please do not ticket at the gate.
  • it is illegal to park besides the motorcycle storage place at 2FLOOR.

For visitors arriving by bicycle

★Bicycle parking for CK SQUARE building

The first 90 minutes are free.
The charge after 90minuts is 100 yen every 6 hours.
Proprietary company : Apple park


★Niiza station south exit basement bicycle parking

1 day usage fee 100 yen.
Proprietary company : Niiza city